Vale Records

VALE Records is a student-run branch of VALE Music Group LLC, located within Lebanon Valley College. It began during the spring semester of 2013 as an interdisciplinary 1-credit class, IDS 199, meeting 1 hour a week. The goal of the label is to provide real-world experience in finding, developing, marketing, and selling commericial artists and music. Though this venture is music based, the principals and practices learned apply to any type of businesses and products. For more in-depth descriptions of the history of VALE Records, see an article reprinted below and visit the VALE Music Group About page.

2014 Class
Vale Music Group – Spring 2014

Though a large portion of the class consists of Music Business majors, other majors represented include Digital Communications, Music Recording, Business, Chemistry and more. The class is organized in a hiearchy of elected officers, specialized teams, and team leaders. To see the individual leaders and teams, go to Members. To see current products developed and offered by VALE Records, go to the Store. Information about the artists is located on the Artists page.