Vale Publishing

VALE Publishing

Vale Publishing, which started in the Spring semester of 2014, has become an active and integrated division of Vale Music Group, working along Vale Live, Vale Conference, and Vale Records.  From its beginning, Vale Publishing has become a full-functioning publishing entity, with expertise in filing copyrights (Performing Arts and Sound Recordings), royalties, in maintaining Vale Records expanding music catalog, and helpful in dealing with Performance Rights Organizations and licensing firms, such as License Quote.  The members of Vale Publishing are also literate in film, TV, and video game pitching, as well as pitching to other artists.

Vale Publishing has also expanded much over his short period of existence.  The publishing entity is now looking at becoming a BMI affiliate and looking to expand their catalog even more, with the addition of a new artist at the beginning of each Spring semester.

Music currently offered consists mostly of compositions of Scott Eggert.


Scott Howard Eggert Catalog Descriptions

Dance Card- 2nd Ragtime Copyright 2013

  • Instrumental-Classical, Original Composition
  •  This song has a 1800’s Sherlock Holmes feel, full of suspense and horror.
  • This can be also seen as music for an unlikely romance.

Go! Copyright 2013

  • Instrumental-Classical, Original Composition
  •  This song can be used goofy animation, such as an animated rabbit running through a field. This song also gives off an Alice in Wonderland or Carnival feel.


  • Instrumental-Classical, Original Composition
  • -This song has a topsy turvy feel. It gives off the feeling that someone is walking where they shouldn’t be.

Six blocks – release

  • Instrumental-Classical, Original Composition
  • This song emotes a sorrowful feeling. It can be used for scenes, such as someone dying, a love one going off to war, or a going through a very bad break-up.

Six blocks-revenge

  • Instrumental-Classical, Original Composition
  • As with it’s name sake, Revenge sounds that it can be used to during scenes of intense and scary moment in a horror flick or that it can be the theme music of a villainous character plotting for revenge.

This Old Man

  • Song/Vocal-Classical, Cover
  • Lebanon Valley College Chamber Choir’s rendition of the classic children’s song, This old man, for the ear of an adult audience. It can be used for Horror films.