Vale Live

VALE Live created and hosted the first VALE Music Industry Conference Crawl after the conference in 2014 with multiple bands and artists playing in 3 locations. It was a huge success and will become an annual event with the conference.

The goal for 2015 is to create a circuit involving Central PA Colleges that will hosts bands from other schools.

VALE Live is the fourth and last branch of VALE Music Group to be activated. It was created because of the high interest in booking gigs, marketing shows, and running live sound. During the spring semester of 2014, five students, John DiCocco, Jesse Barki, Caden Myers, Sy Rossi, and Cory Paternoster took part in an independent study researching how to implement the original VALE Booking portion of the VALE Music Group business plan. One of the first changes was changing the name from VALE Booking to VALE Live. This was to widen the vision from that of just booking bands. Hosting events as well as booking bands became the role of VALE Live.

The students brought VALE Live online during the Spring 2014 semester. With the signing of the band Sheridan Ave by VALE Records, VALE Live was charged with exclusively booking the band to increase exposure and sales. VALE Live approached the local restuarant/bar Annville Grille and negotiated and arranged for weekly ‘VALE Live Presents’ shows on Fridays. To be selfsustaining, VALE Live aquired a full PA and lights from Guitar Center. Working closely with VALE Records, space was provided for VALE merchandise and music to be sold. Marketing and advertisement for the events was created jointly by VALE Records and VALE Live.

The weekly shows were very succesful with large attendances. Acts included Sheridan Ave for its single release, Kali Rodgers, the LVC Small Jazz Ensemble, Drop Out Julian, and SAI womens fraternity. The final event was ‘roof-top’ concert during finals week that unfortunately had to be moved inside because of weather.

During the fall semester, VALE Live will continue to function within the Music Industry Colloquium class that creates and hosts the yearly VALE Music Business Conference. New events will be planned with the capstone event the lunchtime performance of the signed band during the conference. VALE Live plans to expand into promoting concerts at other colleges and univeristies, and hosting their artists at LVC.

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