November Lounge EP & Valley Fest

Well it’s finally here… We are proud to release November Lounge’s EP cover art! Pre-orders are still being accepted and the official release date of the EP is Saturday April 23rd during ValleyFest. The EP costs $8 but if you order the therapy bundle, you get the EP, a VALE water bottle, string bag, candy glass, wristband, and sticker for ONLY $15! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Tickets for Valley Fest can be purchased here and pre-orders for “therapy” can be made by visiting our online store.


Vale Distributes Commissioned Musical Piece

DOWNLOAD NOW Sesquicentennial Celebration: For the 150th Anniversary of Lebanon Valley College is a commissioned musical piece composed by Dr. Justin J. Morrell, assistant professor of music at Lebanon Valley College. It was debuted during the Founders Day celebration on February 23, 2016, and is available for download through VALE Music Group. The piece features musicians Dr. Christopher J. Heffner, Trumpet; Suzanne D. Fox ’77, Horn; Greg Strohman ’08, Trombone; Christopher B. Plasencia ’16, Vibraphone; Ricardo Perez-Lopez ’19, Guitar; Cody R. Esposito ’16, Guitar; Anthony W. Pieruccini ’19, Guitar; Sam Yoder ’15, Guitar; Dr. Justin J. Morell, Guitar; Timothy W. Wolfe ’07, Bass

November Lounge

Vale’s Newest Artist: November Lounge

On February 18, 2016, VALE Records signed its newest artist: November Lounge. November Lounge Bio: Formed out of Annville, PA, November Lounge is a jazz/rock band comprised of three Lebanon Valley College music students. The trio primarily uses jazz theory in their song writing to create a plethora of soothing sounds that provide for easy listening while also adding improvised jams into their compositions. The group has a full sound for a trio due to Zach Washko’s (age 19) colorful style of bass playing, Aaron Abercrombie’s (age 20) melodic, yet driving guitar parts, and Alex Rubin’s (age 21) technical and heavy drum background. Their influences and styles range from progressive jazz to reggae to blues