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Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Break

November 30, 2017   Editor: Alex Wang   Year: Freshman  Major: IBS, CDS, GLB

Staying on campus over Thanksgiving break was different. The entire campus was quiet, which was not a bad thing, I was able to get a lot of work done without any distractions. The finals week is getting close, so I was glad that I had few days off to prepare for the upcoming tests.

I was invited to a Thanksgiving party; the Food was fantastic at the party. (I’ve attached few pictures to this post.)

The semester for me at LVC is about to end. I remember people asking me why I choose LVC; I wasn’t sure at the beginning of the year. After few month at LVC, I believe choosing LVC was a great decision.


Top 5 pictures of LVC

Top 5 pictures of LVC

These are the photos I took during my first 3 month at LVC.

LVC has an absolutely gorgeous campus. I am blessed to have chance to study here.

Here are the Top 5 pictures.

Path to the Sports Center.

UG Party


0430 in the afternoon.

0430 in the morning.


Student Worker Projects

Student Worker Projects

At LVC as a student worker, I was assigned to Raspberry Pi project earlier in the year. The plan is to get a Raspberry Pi video recording car moving. Putting the car together is easy. However, the programming part is somewhat confusing. I had to spend a lot of time on SSH commands and configurations.

Another the projects I’ve been working on is a 3d printing project. The goal of the project is to 3D print the entire school. Since no one has done it before, it is going to be quite challenging.

I have been given access to the Faculty Technology room that has an HP sprout system. It is the perfect system for designing and 3d printing projects. With that system, I can accomplish a lot of things that I usually can’t.

I am currently working with the school’s IT department as network support assistant. My job is to set up the internet (Ethernet port. Configuration, testing) for the new admissions building, and troubleshooting. I get to learn things such as tracking down people who violate the LVC internet policy and switch configuration. Also, I get to set up the server and install Windows system on a server.

Presenting at Global coffee hours

was a great experience. I get to do a presentation on my country and to answer various question about Chinese culture.
LVC provides us with a lot of opportunities to express ourselves. With the support of the faculties, I get to experience new things and develop new skills

“First Year Experience”

“First Year Experience”

I am currently a freshman at LVC. Since I’m an international student, it is a little difficult for me to understand all the application process, such as when to submit my medical history, and how to select medical care program.

I have received more than 20 very detailed emails during the summer, on how to prepare for the incoming freshman year and pre-departure instructions. From the introduction of the school to series of time management support.

LVC provides pick-up service for all international students.
Once we arrived, international affairs department provided us with temporary beddings, so we don’t have to worry about the night of departure.
We can purchase all the essentials we need from Walmart 2 days after the departure.
Culture shock presentation was effective. I lived in the US for four years, no one ever mentioned culture shock to me. As a result, I had to figure everything out myself. Personally, I believe that to be able to understand Culture Shock is one of the most important things for international students so that they can prevent depression or series of psychological issues.

LVC has provided me with a lot of support. From the beginning of this academic year, I was assigned a few peer mentors and faculty mentors. One of the faculty mentors was the Chief Information Officer of the school; he helped me get a job at the IT department as Network support assistant.

I am currently taking five classes, German 101, Crossing Borders, Microeconomics, Financial Statement Analysis, and a First-Year Experience class aka FYE. College can be challenging, especially the first few weeks of classes. Many students need some time to adapt to the new environment.
I struggled for few weeks. Luckily, I was able to get help from free peer tutors provided by the school.