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Typical Tuesday

Typical Tuesday


My name is Isaac Reese and I’m a third year Criminal Justice student at Lebanon Valley College who is studying abroad at Kingston University in England! I arrived at Kingston University September 12 and will be studying for one semester till December 16. I am living in the Middle Mill residence halls on campus here at Kingston. The University is located in the town Kingston Upon Thames and is a 15 minute train ride away from London. I am interested in volleyball (sports in general), music, and exercising at the gym. I decided to study abroad because I have never travelled to another country before and I wanted to change that immediately! I was not sure what to expect when I arrived in England because I’m from a small town and not a lot of people have the opportunity to travel like I have. I would have not imagined a kid from New Oxford Pennsylvania going this far away from home because it simply just does not happen and I wanted more then New Oxford could offer.



St. Paul’s Cathedral London England



Tuesday’s at Kingston  

On Tuesday’s I have one class and that is popular fiction from 2:00-4:00. My day will start at 9:00 usually and I will have a bowl of cereal or I will make myself a ham, salami, cheese, pepperoni, mayo sandwich. I have no experience cooking so I’m still learning how to cook more difficult things and I am enjoying it! Next, before class I will go grocery shopping at the Kingston Centre where I shop at Aldi and Sainsbury’s where the prices are cheap and the selection is very good. The farmers market is my next stop where I can get carrots, potatoes, onions, lettuce, raspberries, blueberries, and bananas but the selections are endless! Grocery shopping is a frequent task in England because food is fresh and there are less preservatives in food so it will spoil quicker then in the United States. Walking to class from Middle Mill is a nice seven minute walk with many different ways to go because of trails, roads, and alleys. This is my smallest class of the four courses I am taking at Kingston with only 34 students. The classrooms table and chair, not the typical desk and chair at some colleges and universities in the United States. The course is made up of lecture, class discussion, and small group discussion. This class also has a seminar that meets on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s for one hour making the total course three hours in length. In this class we will be reading and discussing romance, fairy tales, and comic/horror novels. After class I usually make dinner, talk with my flat mates, work on homework, plan weekend trips to new places, or I will go into the town centre to explore!

Courtauld Institute of Art London England


What is so different here?

The one thing that is normal in Kingston that I am not used to is the amount of walking and how it is sometimes the best transportation and I like it! The other forms of transportation are taking the bus, the underground (the tube), or the above ground rail. I have used all forms of transportation and they are all excellent. Once, when I was in London I used all four transportation services in one night to get back to my residence hall! My favorite aspect about my host country is the amount of different people I meet everyday. Kingston University is such a diverse student population and I enjoy meeting people I might never meet or talk to in the United States. I was surprised at the large number of United States students studying at Kingston when I first arrived because there are many in my residence hall blocks and in my other classes.

What’s next?

I have so much to talk about with all the other places I have travelled! My next few posts I will try to catch up everyone on the places I have been to. Fill free to follow my Instagram account: @reeseisaac. If you don’t have an Instagram, follow me on Facebook page Isaac Reese. I can be reached by two emails at OR If anyone has good recommendations on where to visit please tell me because I’m always looking for a fun place to travel over here! I have lots of pictures to post so stay tuned and sorry if I’m writing to much, I’m just having a great time and studying abroad has been the best decision of my life and I hope it never ends. Cheers!!


Trafalgar Square London England