Tapas, Cervezas, Iglesias..Oh My!

Tapas, Cervezas, Iglesias..Oh My!

     Hola! My name is Jennifer and I am a junior double major in Spanish and Speech-Language Pathology. I am currently in España, more specifically Northern Spain in Valladolid. This beautiful city was once before the capital of Spain, one of the oldest cities where pure Castellano is spoken and filled with breathtaking architecture at every corner. I arrived in Madrid a little over two weeks ago and let me tell you that these past few weeks  have felt more like a month.

               Once arriving in Spain, we got to meet the other students in our program from other parts of the U.S. My program consists of me and two other LVC students, two students from Elizabethtown College, two from University of Wisconsin and one from Michigan. From the moment we all met, we have felt like a family and that is an amazing  feeling knowing that you are able to rely on people who are going through the same experience you are. After getting to know each other, we all hopped on a bus and heading to our new home, Valladolid. Once there, we were introduced to our host families and got settled in. Being able to live with someone who speaks the language and knows the culture and history of the city is something that really helps us integrate ourselves into our new lives. The first day we went and explored the city in a true Spanish way. Hitting the streets like locals getting tapas, cervezas (yes, the legal drinking age is 18 here) and talking to locals. Luckily for us, after the first week here, there is a festival that goes on during  this time which allowed us to immersive ourselves even more. 

Walking around the city is the best way to learn more about the culture and richness of my new home. One day I stumbled across this beautiful church with hand carved statues and amazing architecture. The churches in Valladolid are one of the many reasons that this city is visited. 

Even more, on my way to the center of the city, I pass many beautiful churches which emphasizes Spaniards love for their religion as well as their architecture. All in all, my first two weeks here in Spain have been amazing and would not change a single thing. Being able to explore this city as well as hoping onto a train or plane and see others parts of the world is such a thrill. For now, hasta luego amigos y hablamos pronto!

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