Well, Freshmen year got done so quickly and Sophomore already loading………..

Well, Freshmen year got done so quickly and Sophomore already loading………..

It’s been ages without updating my blog, I actually hadn’t forgotten about it, no way. This  is an overly delayed update, I am not sure how I got captivated to overlook posting my words. Well, two months ago I concluded Freshmen year and it’s again just a month away from yet another year. How time flies! Let me take a little step back and glimpse into Freshmen Spring Semester.

Spring Semester

This marked my second semester at LVC and a lot unfolded during the course of this semester. Some of the things nobody would have imagined the naive me would do a year ago happened. This amazing place continues to fascinate me as I realize that I am growing in an exponential way I would personally have doubted too.

Academically,the semester was quite fruitful  in comparison to Fall semester most probably because some adjustments had faded away. I am very much optimistic about my Sophomore year and the rest of my entire college career, being confident that they won’t be major transitional adjustments to impede with my academic goals. One of the major academic decisions I did was changes in my major declarations. I finally settled in an Analytical Finance major  and double minor in Mathematics and Computer and Data Science. I wrestled with what  I am really  passionate about and I realized that I am greatly passionate about developing a skill set that prepares me for careers in the interdisciplinary field of Financial Analytics and Technology/Data Science with particular application to the Banking and Financial Services industry. I am already making minor steps towards this “over-ambitious” dream of mine.  This summer I am working in Information Technology as Information Systems Student Programmer and part-time Student Assistant in Academic Affairs and Institutional Research. The jobs have allowed me to perform tasks and gain experience intimately related to my dream field so they hone skills in me in a tremendous way. I can’t help, but feel that LVC is home and the most amazing place fate had for me. I am unfolding into a person who is certainly better than yesteryear. The overwhelming support of the community at LVC is profound.

Outside of class, I became involved in extra-curricula activities and I will serve as the President of Global Education (2018-2019) , Student Representative in Intercultural and Inclusive Learning (2018-19). I also will continue my membership in Math Club and my favorite fellowship group, the DiscipleMakers (this is where I have met the majority of people whom I can claim to be very  close to me at least now).  A lot of fun activities also happened, I learned skating(which became one of the things I profoundly found intimidating , it is difficult ). We had fun with Global Education members and of particular interest was our International Food Festival (I made some Zimbabwean food it was really really fun but overwhelming), we had a Camping Trip to Swatara, and other miscellaneous activities like Dutchmen Day, Redbook Trips, etc.

One of the biggest event happened in April, the Scholarship Luncheon-an annual event for LVC students with full tuition scholarships to meet in person with their donors . JonnaLynn was present, her and I were selected to make remarks. It was certainly a profound moment for both of us to share our unique stories.

Insights , As was part of my goals, I wanted to develop friendships, I would say I  certainly made some concerted efforts to both gain and impart cultural awareness with my American classmates. In the process I learned quite a lot. I noted that the concept of friendships in the US has different meanings. It is fluid and dynamic. I learned that friendships here assume various gradients of depth and commitment ,  yet be deemed as friendship. Someone you occasionally say hi to can deemed a friend. This is a great departure from what friendship entailed back in Zimbabwe. There friendship was reserved for relationships with greater devotion and more substantial connection, which appears to not be requisite elements of friendship in the States. For this reason, as an International student the majority of your friends are very likely to be International students. I discovered that there are quite a number of meaningful explanations of why this is so. Of course, this is not to say strong friendships cannot be formed with Americans, and neither is it to imply that Americans cannot also relate. I personally have a decent number of friends who are Americans but it is an insight I got in the process.


As I mentioned earlier, I got an opportunity to work as Information Systems Student Programmer in IT and Student Assistant in Institutional Research. These happened to be significantly invaluable opportunities for the ambitious me. I have considerethem as opportunities to learn and advance my ambitions. I think of them as stepping stones for my next Internships and I am hoping and working to land an Internship off-campus next summer. Time has moved so quickly that I have realized that it is just about a month away from another hectic academic year with a full plate in front of me…. Well, I also have been watching World Cup and  watching it from this other side of the World made me reminisce about the past and think about the present and things yet to come. Only four years ago I was watching it from the opposite world this other side unbeknown to  me as a high school student that the next time I would have crossed oceans……Memories from across the oceans.

I am very excited for the new Almond Tree Scholars, both from Zimbabwe (Fatima and Darrell). I can’t wait to see them around campus !!!






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