International Food Festival 2018

International Food Festival 2018


It was crowded, busy, and exciting!

There were about thirty countries participating in the event this year. I and My hosted the Vietnamese table. After the continuous debate about what we would make, My and I decided to make “Banh bot loc” (transparent cake) which comes from Vietnam’s ancient capital-Hue. Under my expectation, it took us from 2 pm to 12 am the day before the food festival to prepare half of it. We began again on the next day and finished up right before the food festival. It was a tremendous working task. However, My and I enjoyed it so much. Both of us had never made “banh bot loc” before even though it is one of our most tasteful and common food. The preparational stage gives us so much experience of being an authentic Vietnamese, also it brings nostalgic feelings of home.

Even though the cake was not perfect (we made it a little bit chewy), I am glad that many LVC students like it. One of my friends even stopped at our table and helped us advertise the goodness of the cake for other friends. We even run out of food before the end of the day!

This is my second year participating in the food festival. The spirit of the festival never changes. People come here with the absolute willingness to learn about different culture and to have a real experience by enjoying food cooked by natives or study-abroad students or professors. Thanks to the food festival for giving us the chance to introduce our culture through food to many LVC friends and professors.

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