Unplanned Tuesday

Unplanned Tuesday

I received an email late afternoon Monday saying that my Tuesday class was cancelled due to the strikes that have been happening at Queen’s. Due to pension cuts, professors across Queen’s University have been striking in protest. Some professors can’t afford to strike, some are not as affected by the strike, and some are taking action and joining the picket lines. Three of my classes in the last week have been cancelled due to the strikes, but I did not expect my Tuesday lecture to be cancelled due to having an essay due at the end of the week. To fill my time, I decided that I might as well try and get my hair cut.

I’ve been in Belfast for almost two months now, but it’s been probably close to five or six months since I got a haircut last. My hair was becoming long, tangled, and unmanageable, and I decided enough was enough and I’ll get a haircut to commemorate my time here in Belfast. I didn’t want to spend much on a haircut since there are so many more things I’d rather spend my money on over here, so I went on a hunt online for a cheap salon near me. I ended up finding a beauty school in center city Belfast that offered £6 haircuts, which is extremely cheap, the only catch was a student would be cutting my hair. Thankfully, I’m a poor student myself, so I figured what do I have to lose?! I originally planned to get my hair cut Monday after a class, but the salon was closed. I left and decided I’d come back later in the week, or next week after it’s supposed to stop snowing.

With my class being cancelled, I ventured out into City Center early Tuesday morning, while most of my fellow students were still asleep. I found a small door with the name “Academy Hair and Beauty Training School” leading to a narrow staircase that took me up to the hair studio. It was a nice studio with a lot of students, some working on people, others working on dummy heads. I was helped right away, and left with a lot less hair and a longing for summer.



Even though it was supposed to snow, the morning was bright and beautiful! I explored some of city center and went shopping while I was there. When you find yourself in Belfast on a sunny day, no matter what your plans are you just feel the need to explore and take pictures. On my way back to campus, I stopped by the student center to just get a look at the strikes happening. At the student center they were giving out free crepes, so I even got a small brunch for free!


I left for a haircut early in the morning, and got so much more than I bargained for.

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