Welcome to Belfast

Welcome to Belfast

Queen's University Belfast
Queen’s University main campus building

I have been living in Belfast for two weeks now, and I’ve been learning little by little how this city operates. Changing from a small campus like LVC and moving to a city-wide campus like Queen’s University of Belfast has been quite a change. With a large campus, I now have a fifteen minute walk to class, which means that I can’t wake up ten minutes before my class and still be early. Most of the time, it feels as if nothing has changed and I’m just going to class… until I walk outside and see century old buildings and double decker busses.

Belfast Gardens
The local Belfast Garden green house with the library in the background

Most of the time the it’s raining in Belfast, but on the rare occasion there is a little sun, and sometimes, like yesterday, even some snow. Out of all of the weather I’ve encountered, rain is my least favorite. I’m not much of a fan of snow, but I prefer Belfast snow to Belfast rain, simply because I’m not drenched from head to toe by the time I get to class. When they say it’s always raining in Belfast, they are not exaggerating. Belfast in the snow is beautiful though!All of the old buildings covered in a fresh layer of white. Belfast and most of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are not equipped for the snow and people mostly stay inside when it snows. The country does not have much salt for the snow and they do not have snow plows, so it’s hard for most people to navigate in the snow.

As for classes, I only have four classes, instead of five to six, and they meet less frequently, so I have a lot more free time on my hands. Classes only meet once a week for about two hours instead of two to three times a week for an hour.It will be nice when I finally venture out and explore more!


written by: Stefanie Davis

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