2017: A personal Reflection

2017: A personal Reflection

We can count only two days and the year is no longer 2017! But 2017, what a year ! It meant a lot to the person I am and yet to become. I feel compelled to provide the meaning of the year we are about to bid farewell from a personal level. 2017 had been the most unique year I ever faced in my entire life so far, it came with tremendous changes to the whole landscape of my life. I was forced to grow, to grow emotionally and intellectually . This growth was influenced by people, people who came in their different fashions in my life. I have a lot of people I can’t even start naming whose impact deserve my sincere appreciation.Hats off to you all!

I am eternally grateful to all those people who realized the potential in me when it was still vague to most people even to myself. Initially, some had no reason to associate with me but that could not stop them from coming into my life, I hope they continue infiltrating other people’s lives as they did to mine. I am a better person today than I were yesteryear or even yesterday. I have met some of the most amazing people with whom am humbled to be associated with, the  list of their names can be tedious. It is important to the self me to note that, at most instances during my 2017, with that great departure from the other of the world  to this other side of the world , changes and adjustments became inevitable .

Some amazing place , somewhere around the world is quietly watching me grow from somewhat a naive young man into a sound, responsible, informed  and wonderful man ready for the realities the world . 2017 had room for all this to culminate. I got exposed to the other side of the world, in biology this could be a different ecosystem that enables a creature to widen its foodweb . Like Apostle Paul in the Bible would question, “What shall we say  then” I will answer that as an expression of gratitude to Almighty God! The Lord has been merciful and good to me.Thank you Oh God!

It is in this year that I saw myself doing first snow sledding . My first trial on the sled board , I guess perhaps made cordination get off my body, I was just moving downhill with incoherent cordination, I could feel my lack of flexibility. I improved though with more trials.

I close my 2017 with some beautiful memories that I will take with me in my entire lifetime. These are memories made for myself.

I pray God provide a blessed  2018 to my family, relatives, friends ,beloved ones and myself!


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