Spring Break, Parte Uno: Un Finesettimana a Milano

Spring Break, Parte Uno: Un Finesettimana a Milano

My first weekend of break was spent in Milan during women’s fashion week. Rebecca and I happened to be staying just down the road from a show on Saturday, and we were staying with an English intern from Roberto Cavalli who was there to work the show. But our trip didn’t start as glamorously.

Our train was 2.5 hours late after breaking down somewhere between Florence and Bologna. Then we couldn’t find the tram to take us to our apartment. And of course, then it had to start raining when we went for a walk that evening. Though we did happen to find a carnival and Castello Sforsesco!

On Saturday, we saw and climbed to the top of the duomo, spun on the bull mosaic in the floor of the mall (which is supposed to bring good luck), walked through Piazza Mercanti where there was the center for fashion show press and free professional hairstyling, saw the museum at Teatro alla Scalla, and visited Pinoteca di Brera. Then we walked down the main high-fashion shopping strip and wondering if there will ever come a day when we will find it acceptable to spend upwards of 250€ (about 350$) on a pair of shoes. We found Museo di Milano on our walk and stopped in before going on to La Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie – right next to the home of the last supper (“Cenacolo”), where they told me I could maybe come back at 8am the next morning to try and get a ticket to see it. So I did.

I showed up outside at 7.45, and at 8.30, as I’m waiting anxiously at the counter for something to come up, a guy from a tour group says they have an extra ticket for the 8.45 viewing. AHHH!!

It was AMAZING! His English was really good, too, and he was translating the tour guide for me the whole time. My goodness! People book months in advance to see The Last Supper! I am So unfathomably fortunate that I was able to get in that day – and even in time to catch our train!

I guess spinning on the bull in the mall really was good luck! Hopefully it carries over to my week in London. Cheers!

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