Berlin, Frankfurt and more Würzburg, oh my !

Berlin, Frankfurt and more Würzburg, oh my !

Hello all !!
It has been a BUSY couple of weeks here, and I apologize for my negligence. There has been so much to see and do, I figured I may as well show you rather than tell you 🙂

Lebanon Valley College and Hillsdale College, together in Rothenburg

The Brandenburger Gate at night. During the day, this portion of town is bustling and full of people, sometimes with small events and entertainment.

The Sony Center is a perfect example of Berlin’s fast-growing use of technology. The center was a sight to behold

The Festung, a defensive castle in Germany

Frankfurt on the Main river.

Würzburg on the Main… a gorgeous city.

I’ll write later in the week, seeing as it’s the last full week of the study-abroad experience. Hopefully it doesn’t fly by too quickly !

Auf Wiedersehen !


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