The city of Würzburg

The city of Würzburg

Willkommen nach Würzburg!

Welcome to Wuerzburg! I apologize in advance, if anything is spelled incorrectly. I am sitting in an internet cafe located in the heart of the town, and the keyboards here have quite a few of the letters swapped around (such as the ‘z’ and ‘y’. I think I finally have it down, though).

The reason I did not post is because the internet in my apartment is still not up and running, but this is not a huge issue here. This town is a beautiful place, and I have spent the past couple of days exploring every inch of it with the other three students from LVC. Contact with the outside world seems to be less of a priority here, especially since we’re almost constantly on the move.

We all arrived in Würzburg from Frakford on Monday, fighting jetlag but very excited to be where we were. The first day was spent unpacking in our apartments and becoming aquainted with the nine other students involved in the program. They study at Hillsdale College in Michigan, and are equally excited to be here.

On Monday night, we all had dinner at a place called the Bürgerspital zum Heiligen Geist. Known for the traditional wine and delicious dishes, the Restaurant is almost seven hundred years old! It was an enjoyable night as we began to soak in this new culture.

The next morning marked the beginning of classes, and in order to immerse us into the culture and mindset of the town, the Professors prepared a ‘scavenger hunt’ for us. Basically, we went around using only German to find various landmarks around town, and learned about their historical or social significance. It was very helpful and beautiful. The town has various styles of architecture, and the impressive buildings (many with religious connotations) are a marvel in itself. I’ll post some pictures once my laptop is up and running.

As the days have passed, places are becoming more familiar, and asking for directions isn’t as awkward. I feel as though we are all starting to become more comfortable here.

Tomorrow, we travel by train to Munich. We are all spending the weekend there, right in the center of town. I will probably not blog again until I return, but I’m sure it will be an incredible experience! The city does have 1.4 million citizens, so there should be much to do over there.

Wiedersehen ! 🙂


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