My Spring Break, The Cliffnotes

My Spring Break, The Cliffnotes

I could write a novel about my spring break trip to Germany so here are the highlights:

I arrived in Frankfurt and was picked up by my best buddy Felix. We drove down to his college apartment in Stuttgart and the first night there was fairly chill. I learned pretty quickly that Germans have no concept of person space as they like to get very close to you. Specifically your face. This goes for everyone. Also, whoever fabricated the stereotype about Germans being cold and uncaring needs to have a reality check.

The next morning we woke up and had a typical German breakfast. After breakfast we headed off in the freezing cold to the Stuttgart-Nuremberg soccer game down the street. The game itself was not as entertaining as I would’ve imagined but the beer, hot spiced wine, friends, and crazy fans made it an overall amazing experience. That night another house party was had.

The next day we explored Stuttgart and saw many of the old sights that I had come across 4 years ago when I was last there to visit my friend. The streets were a bit more empty this time around because it was a cold and barren Sunday. The day was highlighted by delicious German pretzels and our trip back to Satteldorf, the town that Felix’s family lives.

On Tuesday, I believe it was a rather chill day. We hung out around the house and had plenty more delicious German food such as Würst. Also had my hair cut by Crailsheim’s finest hairdresser. Thoroughly satisfied.

After a day off, we traveled to Erbach, a county in the autonomy of Hesse. This county was important to me specifically because I had done some research and found out that I was directly related to some counts of the region. We spent the day checking out the town and the two castles or residences of my ancestors from the 16th-18th centuries. Erbach om Odenwald was a beautiful and picturesque German town and I highly recommend it to travelers who want to see something of the beaten path.

Following another day of rest I traveled with Felix and his mother to Strasbourg, France, a border town with Germany which was about 2 and a half hours away from where I was staying. The town is very, very old and is home to an impressive set of Gothic churches, clever canal system, and on the outskirts of the city you can visit the buildings of the European Parliament of the European Union as well as the Council on Human Rights. These were must see sights for me due to my involvement in the Mid-Atlantic EU simulation in Georgetown with a few other fine students from LVC. I’m sure everyone involved will remember how unbelievable of an experience it was (most of all for me :p) We ate a rather fancy French restaurant and of course I ordered ribs. After struggling to attempt to eat them with a fork and knife I gave up and ate with my hands with the blessing of Felix’s mother. She agreed it was impossible. I urge others to attempt this ridiculous feat. All in all, Strasbourg was a wonderful city and again I recommend it highly.

After our day in France, Felix’s family and I journeyed down to southern Bavaria to ski the German Alps. If you like skiing or snowboarding this is something you simply must do before you kick the bucket. The views are amazing and the trails are equally as thrilling. I had not skied in two years prior, however once they throw you down a black diamond you get back into it fairly quickly. I let my buddy have the photographic responsibilities for that day so I will post better pictures of the alps when I receive them.

After an amazing break, it was finally time to head back to my second home of Valladolid. I had grown to miss the city, and especially the weather (its about 60 degrees all week now 🙂 ) Of course on the way to the airport we got a speeding ticket on the autobahn. What an ideal way to end my time in Germany right?

This Friday we will be heading to Segovia and the week after that is London so keep yourself posted and have an enjoyable week!

P.S. Germans mix every sort of drink imaginable. If you are of age and responsible I recommend you to look up some of these beverages and indulge yourself in some German culture. I will name two of the nonalcoholic beverages that were amazing. Coke + Fanta = Spezi and Apple Juice + Sparkling Water = Apfelschorle.




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