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Longg Weekend

February 12, 2013

So, I have had a five day weekend since I never have school on Friday and the last two days were holidays here in the good old country of Argentina. On Friday I was walking along a street, called Santa Fe, and happened to run into one of my new friends that I go to school with… so, naturally he and I went in search of a good restaurant for lunch. We ended up getting some really swell pizza; it may be of interest to my readers to note that in Argentina they do not really believe in putting more than about a spoonful of sauce on their pizza, but they are not at all shy about the amount of cheese. Saturday I then walked about half an hour to my friend Lyra’s home stay and she showed me around her neighborhood, which is in an area called “Palermo” where there was a small artisan street fair and some expensive touristy shops and restaurants. Unfortunately we made the mistake of stopping at one such restaurant which ended up yielding less than satisfying food. I ordered a mango smoothie and what was placed before me was a cup of water with tons of ice and a splash of mango flavoring. Therefore, solidifying my life decision to never eat at a strictly health food place ever again! However, afterwards, since we were feeling way to healthy after the pile of veggies we consumed, we got some seriously unhealthy ice cream 🙂
On Sunday Lyra and I once again ventured out together and went to San Talmo, the place where my wallet was taken a few weeks ago. This time, thankfully, instead of losing a wallet I purchased one from one of the local artisan woman. After walking around for 5 hours we parted company and made our way to our separate residences just in time for a big thunderstorm to sweep over the city and force the temperature down to a respectable place on the thermometer. Therefore, since I did not want to walk the half an hour to church in storm which can best be summed up as “raining cats and dogs”, I got to skype with my wonderful boyfriend 🙂
Monday my family went away to visit my host father’s brother so I had the house all to myself… which was cool for like 2 hours and then I was very bored. However, in the midst of my lingering in self pity over my lack of human contact, I received a facebook message from some fellow students detailing a plan to hang out in the afternoon/evening. I was relieved and practically ran to the park where we were meeting so I could have my first social interaction of the day. That night I got home around 11:45pm after a wonderful evening, which included me cooking; something that I have missed doing since I have been here.
Today, admittedly, has not been anywhere as nearly as exciting as the rest of my weekend. I have been just sitting around studying my Spanish vocab, napping, and eating. I am looking forward to going back to school tomorrow and getting some more homework so I have something to fill up all my free time. lol

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