Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Well I have been in Belfast 21 days, as of today, and it has rained 21 of those days.  Some days it is off and on light, off and on heavy, light mist all day, or a down pour all day. As Forrest Gump would say, “One day, it started raining, and it didn’t quit for FOUR MONTHS.” Luckily my parents were thoughtful enough to get me a brilliant insulated raincoat before I left, and needless to say, I’ve made good use of it.

Unfortunately, the rain has put a damper (<–pun?) on sight seeing plans that I have made, including the Titanic Quarter and the Peace Line.  I did get the chance to go to the Ulster Museum and see what has formed the Irish culture. From pre-historic Ireland to most recently “the Troubles,” Ireland’s history and culture is rich.

IMG_0247Great Vintage War Time Poster

IMG_0158Ulster Museum


Botanic Gardens’ Greenhouse


Though I have not had much of a chance to travel around Belfast as much as I wish to, this has given me time indoors to begin planning the three weeks I will have off from school starting the end of March.  Mike and I plan to visit England, Italy, France, and the rest of Ireland.  Flights are relatively cheap and we are eager to see what the rest of Europe has to offer!

What we actually came here to do? STUDY abroad? Thinking this would be quite the relaxed semester, the classes have proved differently.  While there are not many hours spent in the class room, much of the class time is spent outside the classroom on recording projects and practicing.  The instructors are extremely informative, helpful, and motivating.  And just like everyone else I have met in Ireland, the instructors are some of the kindest, caring people!

Thats all for now! Maybe the rain will hold off for a day this week! (I can dream…)


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