Lebanon Valley College Study Abroad


January 31, 2013
Today I saw blood sausage for the first time and determined that I will never be putting it in my mouth. Never. We took a trip to Lujan to a ranch, but before we got to the ranch we stopped at the Basilica in Lujan and that was pretty spectacular! At the ranch we had some amazing food (sans the blood sausage) and it was really swell to get out of the city and see Argentine country side, which reminded me somewhat of home. There were also some really cute dogs that were quite friendly and playful: one tried to grab the bottom of my dress and rip it. lol I had tons of fun just communing with my new friends and checking out the old buildings on the ranch, including a super cool library that unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures in. However, thankfully the day was not too hot and I got to eat a lot of food so I am very happy!!

Category: Argentina