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Life Can Only Get Better

January 27, 2013

Well, today was certainly eventful. I went with Jess, one of the other American students, on a little walking trip to see the congress building and go to a craft fair that wandered along for many blocks. Seeing the historical buildings was interesting and we also went into an old Catholic church. The craft fair was also very swell as there were many things to buy from local artisans. Jess and I walked for several blocks and decide to sit down in a corner cafe for a much needed cold drink. Whilst sitting there a man from Australia, who was sitting a table away, exclaimed that his bag had been stolen while he was sitting there. So, I decided to look in my purse an make sure that everything was still there, just so that I would have peace of mind. When I opened it up and peeked in I was dismayed to find that I could not find my wallet, which contained some money and more importantly my credit cards! Upon this unpleasant discovery I, with great haste, went back to my host family’s house and called my mom to get my cards canceled. Thankfully, everything got figured out and life can once again be filled with joy and fun times. And, speaking of fun times I am currently watching Ice Age 3 in Spanish, but thankfully laughter is a universal thing and I have watched it so often in English that I know what is going on 🙂

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