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Argentina: I have arrived

My beautiful new watch!

My beautiful new watch!

January 20, 2013

Yesterday my trip to the airport was one filled with excitement as I got ready to embark on my first solo airplane ride. Once I got to the airport I (finally) figured out how to check in and then had two hours to waste away exploring the airport, which would have been more enjoyable if I did not have to lug my huge backpack and carry on with me everywhere! I got some food and libations in preparation for my long trip and then decided to buy a watch. I found this small store, called “Swatch”, and I, as my picture shows, got an orange one with some subtle sparkles in the ban (which shall not only match much of my wardrobe but also, as the overly enthusiastic and talkative salesman pointed out, my new backpack),

The plane ride itself was smooth and there was plenty of swell movies  for my viewing pleasure. However, it was not very comfortable to sleep but thankfully there was no one in the seat beside me so I could spread out, and I has Spoon (my trusty stuffed dog) to keep me company. When we landed I was greeted by sweat as the warm temperatures were a huge contrast to the chilly weather I had left a short 11 hours before. Getting through security was not particularly hard and once through customs Rebekah (the other student from LVC) and I were able to easily get a cab. (I thought it was amusing that as we were in the cab, which was a ford, the song that was playing on the radio was “Pumped Up Kicks”.) I arrived at my host family’s house and was greeted with the warmth of a hug and kiss from the family members. They are all very helpful and forgiving as I struggle with my meager amount of Spanish knowledge and they, varying in their comprehension of English, attempt to respond. However, I am sure that I shall learn much whilst I am here and hopefully know how to hold at least a base level conversation 🙂

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