Are you ready to Study Abroad?

Are you ready to Study Abroad?

Studying Abroad was a factor in my decision to come to LVC.  I knew I wanted to travel at some point in my life, and LVC’s Study Abroad program seemed to be the perfect fit.  I am approximately 50% of Irish descent. My parents took their Honeymoon in Ireland. My father, one of the most reserved people I know, hung upside down to kiss the Blarney Stone.  Studying Abroad to explore my Irish descent has been a long anticipated journey which I am about to embark on in less than 5 days.

So many things have to be prepped before leaving the country to live in a foreign place for over 4 months.  Passport, credit cards, debit cards, copies of important documents, backup copies, luggage requirements, airline tickets, contact information, electricity requirements, currency, and the list goes on. Then the nerves set in as to how one is to live away from everything one has ever known without a convenient “chicken exit.”

Currently I am at the excited state.  I have begun to accept leaving my current life behind and am ready and excited to experience an entirely new, fresh one (don’t worry, I’m not fleeing the country on account of some mix-up with the law).

This blog will be my way of venting all of my experiences I have.  If you have an interest in Ireland, studying abroad, or my experiences as an American student at Queen’s University Belfast, stay tuned, I will begin posting from Europe in a few short days.

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