Lebanon Valley College Study Abroad Fall 2012

Lebanon Valley College


Hello again from London,

Last night I attended my first ever pub crawl. Pub Crawls are very popular in London especially around holidays. The crawl I went to was organized by the club rugby team that I have been playing for since I arrived in London. Every year the Hampstead Rugby Club organizes a big pub crawl to raise money for charity. This year we raised money for a children’s hospital.

The pub crawl was a Christmas themed event where everyone wore a costume that related to the holidays in some way. The crawl consisted of 8 different pubs which ended at The White Horse which is a local pub and our club house. Signing up for the crawl took place at the first pub. Once all of the money was collected we proceeded to the next pub and eventually made our way through the list of pubs. Just before we left each pub we made sure to sing different Christmas Carols as a large group. We were able to raise a lot of money and really helped the local community.


Hello again from London,

Last week I visited Switzerland which I must say was probably one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been to in my life. In addition to the aesthetics of the area, Switzerland was also one of the coldest places I have ever been to. While I was there, the temperature dipped into the lower teens. At one point it was 8 degrees Fahrenheit with 18 mph winds. It was so COLD!

While I was visiting the beautiful mountains country I seized the opportunity to go on a mountain tour. When I first started the tour it was in the middle of a blizzard which made it very difficult to see and take good pictures. However, once I reached the top of Mount Pilatus the weather began to clear up. On the way back down the mountain I was able to shoot some of the most fantastic photos. If you are in Europe make sure you visit Switzerland it’s an amazing place!


Exploring London

Hello Again from London,

Exploring London is one of my favorite things to do. I just grab my camera, look at a tube map, and plan my route. Although there are many amazing places in London, my absolute favorite place to take pictures is by the London Bridge tube stop. Obviously one of the main attractions here is the London Bridge, but if you walk around you can see the Tower Bridge. Not only does this area have famous landmarks, but it also is surrounded by beautiful buildings and amazing architecture.

Another fun place to visit is by the Westminster Tube stop. This is where Big Ben and the London Eye are located. There are many things to do and see in this area of London. My advice is when you are done with the touristy things just hop on a bus and go to some random place to explore. As long as you have your Oyster Card and a fully charged camera you are bound to have a fantastic time!

Shopping in London

Hello everyone,

Shopping in London is amazing. There are thousands and thousands of stores here. One of my favorite places to shop is Oxford Street. Containing over 300 shops and stretching over 1.5 miles, there is something for everyone on Oxford Street. I think that Oxford Street is comparable to Fifth Avenue in NYC. Although some of the stores on Oxford Street are very expensive, you can still find reasonably priced stores.

My favorite store on Oxford Street is Primark. If you are trying to find a store that sells cute clothes for an affordable price this is the place to go. They sell everything from shoes and clothes to luggage and home decorations. The best time to go to this store is early in the morning right when it opens on week days. If you go to Primark on a Saturday afternoon, you will wait a minimum of 30 minutes to try on up to 8 items. But all of this can be avoided by shopping in the morning on a week day. Regardless of how long you have to wait in line to try things on it is worth it. Primark has the best clothes for the best prices.

However, shopping in London cannot be confined to Oxford Street alone. There are so many different stores throughout the city it is impossible to list everywhere. The best way to find new places to shop is to hop on a random double decker bus and get off when you spot an interesting store that catches your attention. In fact, this is my favorite way to discover new places to shop. Finding new stores throughout London is an adventure I suggest you embark on one day.

London Markets

Hello again from London,

Recently, I have been going to a lot of different markets throughout the city. The first market that I went to was called the Borough Market by the London Bridge tube stop. Historical documents suggest that this market has been around since 1014. The Borough Market consists of many different street vendors that sell a wide variety of food. While I was there, I bought a fresh bunch of carrots and strawberries that were amazing! The food was really cheap and the market had a good atmosphere.

So far, The Spitalfields Market by Liverpool Street has been my favorite market. This market sells clothes, crafts, food, artwork, jewelry, and many other things. I liked the Spitalfields Market because it had so many good vendors and good prices.  Also, this market was inside which was nice because it was raining when I went. To warm up from the cold weather, I bought a hot chocolate from one of the food vendors while I was there. The hot chocolate was made using a secret family recipe and as a result was the best hot chocolate I have ever had in my life. I am not sure how they made it but the sign said they used authentic Belgium chocolate. After purchasing the incredible hot chocolate, I continued to walk around the large indoor market and look at the different stalls. Overall, I really enjoyed going to the Spitalfields Market.

Transportation in London

Hello again from London,
When most people think about London they tend to picture red double decker buses and telephone booths. From what I have noticed the telephone booths are more of decorations then for actual use because of cell phones. On the other hand, the double decker buses are fully functional and an essential part of London’s transportation service.

There are many different ways to get around in London such as; taxis, walking, buses, bikes, mopeds, and the tube just to name a few. As far as public transportation goes, you can take the tube (subway), bus, or rent a Barclays bike. In my personal opinion I think that the tube is the fastest way to get around. This is partly because I am way too scared to rent a Barclays bike and the buses seem to take forever. For all of you that do not know, a Barclays bike is a bike that you can rent from a docking station by using your credit card. There are many Barclays bike docking stations throughout the city of London and you can rent a bike from any one and then return it to any docking station. Although, I know how this works I am still too scared to rent one of these bikes because I am not used to the cars driving on the opposite side of the road.

Anyways, the main way that I travel is by bus and tube. The transportation here is really easy to use especially if you have an oyster card. An oyster card is a plastic card that’s the same size as a credit card. You can either pay as you go by putting money on your card or you can just buy a weekly, monthly, or yearly pass for specific zones in London. I am centrally located in London so I have been buying a weekly pass for zones one and two. This allows me to travel on the tube within zones one and two and ride the bus anywhere in London. All I need to do is swipe my oyster card to get on the bus and on the tube. Overall, I would say that London has one of the best public transportation systems that I have ever used.

American vs British Vocabulary

During the past two weeks I have learned many different English words and phrases. I have been trying to use my new British vocabulary as often as I can to fit in with the locals. However, transitioning from my American phrasing has been really challenging. Although it has been difficult, I really enjoy expanding my vocabulary to gain a better understanding of the English culture. To illustrate some of the different words and phrases English people use I have put together a translated list of American and British words. In future blogs I will try to use my new English vocabulary to give you a better sense of the British culture.

Im in LONDON!!!!

Hi everyone my name is Corine Denny and I am studying abroad in LONDON!!! Currently, I am a junior accounting major at LVC. While I am here in London I will be taking two different psychology classes, one art class, and one business class. I am really lucky because I only have classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Anyways, London is an amazing city! A group of 10 LVC students, including myself, arrived here last Monday around 6 am London time (1 am eastern time). Between the 5 hour time difference and the 7 hour plain ride (which was impossible to sleep on) we were completely exhausted. However, to avoid jet lag we defied our desire to sleep and stayed awake by walking around and exploring our new environment. We made a pact to stay up until 9 pm. It was almost impossible for me to stay awake but I pushed through it and was able to make it to 9 pm. The next morning I woke up relieved to find out my jet lag had faded.

The most interesting thing I have learned so far has to be the cultural differences between the U.S. and the U.K.. Although English is my first language, I feel like I am learning a foreign language over here in England.  For example, they call a line a queue and they call sweat pants tracky bottoms. It has been challenging for me to stop using my American vocabulary and start phrasing things the way a normal British girl would. In my next blog, I will put up a British vocabulary list and explain some of the cultural differences I have noticed.

Talk to you soon  and best wishes from the U.K.

Corine Denny