Lebanon Valley College Study Abroad Fall 2012

Lebanon Valley College


Hello again from London,

Last night I attended my first ever pub crawl. Pub Crawls are very popular in London especially around holidays. The crawl I went to was organized by the club rugby team that I have been playing for since I arrived in London. Every year the Hampstead Rugby Club organizes a big pub crawl to raise money for charity. This year we raised money for a children’s hospital.

The pub crawl was a Christmas themed event where everyone wore a costume that related to the holidays in some way. The crawl consisted of 8 different pubs which ended at The White Horse which is a local pub and our club house. Signing up for the crawl took place at the first pub. Once all of the money was collected we proceeded to the next pub and eventually made our way through the list of pubs. Just before we left each pub we made sure to sing different Christmas Carols as a large group. We were able to raise a lot of money and really helped the local community.

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