Lebanon Valley College Study Abroad Fall 2012

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London Markets

Hello again from London,

Recently, I have been going to a lot of different markets throughout the city. The first market that I went to was called the Borough Market by the London Bridge tube stop. Historical documents suggest that this market has been around since 1014. The Borough Market consists of many different street vendors that sell a wide variety of food. While I was there, I bought a fresh bunch of carrots and strawberries that were amazing! The food was really cheap and the market had a good atmosphere.

So far, The Spitalfields Market by Liverpool Street has been my favorite market. This market sells clothes, crafts, food, artwork, jewelry, and many other things. I liked the Spitalfields Market because it had so many good vendors and good prices.  Also, this market was inside which was nice because it was raining when I went. To warm up from the cold weather, I bought a hot chocolate from one of the food vendors while I was there. The hot chocolate was made using a secret family recipe and as a result was the best hot chocolate I have ever had in my life. I am not sure how they made it but the sign said they used authentic Belgium chocolate. After purchasing the incredible hot chocolate, I continued to walk around the large indoor market and look at the different stalls. Overall, I really enjoyed going to the Spitalfields Market.

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