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Post-Fall Break

So, I returned to Perugia this past Sunday after traveling to Barcelona, Paris, and Switzerland. I really do not know how to explain my experience except that it was once in lifetime. I was able to see so many things that I would not have otherwise been able to see.

Barcelona was a very neat city. The main avenue where most tourists walk is very cool, with shops lining the street and people crowding the center walkway. We took the opportunity of a free guided walking tour. We learned a lot about the historical significance of Barcelona and how it has changed throughout history. The port/waterfront is by far the best part of Barcelona in my opinion. It is what I envision when I now think of Barcelona. The pier has these beams on both sides that stand 25 feet or so above the ground and run the whole way along the pier, very cool! The weather was relatively nice, except for some rainfall during one of the nights we were there.

Paris was our next stop. We were required to take a taxi from the airport to our hostel (with a hefty picetag of course) and found ourselves immersed in Paris traffic. I will be completely honest when I say that I was certain we would be involved in a fender-bender, but our taxi driver clearly knew what he was doing. We walked around the city the first day, but the second day we decided to get on a double-decker tour bus so we would be able to see all of the important monuments. We visited the Eiffel Tower, which is simply breathtaking. Pictures do not do it justice because it is simply THAT massive! Then we visited the Church of Notre Dame, which was very cool. The rest of our day was spent walking up and down the main street of Paris, just window shopping and going in any stores that caught our eye.

They say ‘save the best for last,’ and in this case, I completely agree. Switzerland was my favorite stop on our excursion. After arriving in Geneve by plane, we took the Golden Pass scenic train to Interlaken. I have never seen so many amazing sights as I did on this two and a half hour train ride. The mountains are very secluded, hence why they are so beautiful. The few houses and villages are decorated in traditional swiss fashion, which just added to the charm of our ride. Interlaken is a very small town. We were able to walk anywhere and it only took us maybe 30 minutes to walk to our hostel from the train station. We walked throughout the “tourist” area with all it’s shops and restaurants. Interlaken is an extremely quaint town, but it is not for the traveler with shallow pockets. There were multiple watch stores boasting watches going for thousands of francs and the most expensive watch we saw was 54,500 francs! Obviously not the place to shop for a student studying abroad. Nevertheless, Interlaken gave me some of the best memories that I will always keep with me.

All in all, our trip was a huge success. We saw a lot of different cultures and how they interact with foreigners and how their way of life is completely different from that in the states. Even being so far from home, we even indulged in some american fast food, just to get a small taste of America while abroad. I only have one more trip planned for my semester. This coming weekend I am going to Copenhagen, Denmark with some friends to see the Sensation Source of Light music show. I am looking forward to that and then it will only be a short six weeks until I am on my way back to America.

Till next time,
ps. My photos are not cooperating with me so I will put the link to my photos on my facebook page if anyone is interested.



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