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Transportation in London

Hello again from London,
When most people think about London they tend to picture red double decker buses and telephone booths. From what I have noticed the telephone booths are more of decorations then for actual use because of cell phones. On the other hand, the double decker buses are fully functional and an essential part of London’s transportation service.

There are many different ways to get around in London such as; taxis, walking, buses, bikes, mopeds, and the tube just to name a few. As far as public transportation goes, you can take the tube (subway), bus, or rent a Barclays bike. In my personal opinion I think that the tube is the fastest way to get around. This is partly because I am way too scared to rent a Barclays bike and the buses seem to take forever. For all of you that do not know, a Barclays bike is a bike that you can rent from a docking station by using your credit card. There are many Barclays bike docking stations throughout the city of London and you can rent a bike from any one and then return it to any docking station. Although, I know how this works I am still too scared to rent one of these bikes because I am not used to the cars driving on the opposite side of the road.

Anyways, the main way that I travel is by bus and tube. The transportation here is really easy to use especially if you have an oyster card. An oyster card is a plastic card that’s the same size as a credit card. You can either pay as you go by putting money on your card or you can just buy a weekly, monthly, or yearly pass for specific zones in London. I am centrally located in London so I have been buying a weekly pass for zones one and two. This allows me to travel on the tube within zones one and two and ride the bus anywhere in London. All I need to do is swipe my oyster card to get on the bus and on the tube. Overall, I would say that London has one of the best public transportation systems that I have ever used.

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