Lebanon Valley College Study Abroad Fall 2012

Lebanon Valley College


I know it’s been a few days since I last wrote a blog entry, but I’ve been pretty busy with class and quizzes. This past weekend I visited Assis on Saturday to see the Tomb of St. Francis and the local shops and restaurants. The views from the top of Assisi, which sits atop a large hill, were absolutely stunning! If possible, you should check out the Assisi photos on my facebook page (the photos I take are too high of quality to insert in my blog). When we got back from Assisi, a group of 5 of us went out to dinner and enjoyed a fantastic meal. I had 4 cheese gnoochi for the first course and I had steak for the second course. Easily the best meal I’ve had in Perugia so far!!! Today was spent relaxing and finishing homework for tomorrow. I will try to update in the next few days. Till then!


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