Religion & Philosophy Department

Lebanon Valley College

LVC Students Present at the North American Undergraduate Conference in Religion and Philosophy



On Saturday March 23rd several students from LVC presenting their work at the North American Undergraduate Conference in Religion and Philosophy. Professors Jeff Robbins, Matt Sayers, and Noelle Vahanian (with an appearance by Professor Diane Johnson) accompanied seven LVC students who attended and presented at the 7th annual undergraduate conference held at St. Francis University on March 22-23rd.

Five of the students presented papers they wrote for the Symposium on a Living Philosopher, a full-year seminar on the philosophy of Catherine Malabou. Marquis Bey, Devan Glenny, Ashley Ferrari, Dylan Matusek, and Halley Washburn each presented shorter versions of papers they have written for this class, papers they will present to Dr. Malabou herself later this Spring semester here at LVC. Each related the work of Dr. Malabou to topics that interested them. Bey connected the notion of plasticity to identity formation among African American women, Glenny related themes from class to the issue of bullying. Ferrari engaged Malabou’s critic of capitalism. Matusek challenged Malabou’s conception of the synaptic self. And Washburn tackled the connection between neuroplasticity and change.

Daniel Kimmel and Haisam Hassanein both presented works from different classes. Kimmel engaged the religious theory of Erik Erikson and Hassanein described the situation of Coptic Christians in Egypt. All the papers connected the students’ individual work to the conference theme: “New Frontiers of Reason.”

Two LVC students took prizes for most outstanding papers of the conference:  Dylan Matusek (1st place) and Ashley Ferrari (3rd place).  Presenters included students from Rutgers, SUNY Buffalo, Emmanuel, and Iona College and as far away as Brigham Young University. Dr. Robbins’ pictures from the conference are available on Facebook at this URL. Photos by the conference organizer, Dr. Art Remillard of St. Francis University, are available here.

Plans are in the works for LVC to host the North American Undergraduate Conference in Religion and Philosophy next year.