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John Caputo: The Future of Continental Philosophy of Religion

Next Tuesday, October 2nd at 7pm in Neidig Garber 203, Professor John Caputo will be giving a public lecture on the future of Continental Philosophy of Religion.  Caputo, formerly of Villanova University and Syracuse University, is a leading commentator on Jacques Derrida and on religion, deconstruction, and postmodernism, and perhaps the world’s foremost Continental philosopher of religion.  His visit to LVC is being made possible by the Arnold Program for Experimental Education as a part of the yearlong Symposium on a Living Philosopher that is being offered by the Religion and Philosophy department.

In addition to the public lecture at 7pm, Professor Caputo will also be meeting with students in the Symposium course at 3:30 in order to speak about the work of the philosopher Catherine Malabou.   Caputo has hosted Malabou on two separate occasions as a part of his biannual “Religion, Postmodernism, and Culture” conferences.  He also has a critical essay on her work in the most recent issue of the academic journal theory@buffalo vol. 16, which was a special issue entitled “Plastique: The Dynamics of Catherine Malabou.”

Caputo’s public lecture at 7pm will be a philosophical and theological reflection on contemporary cosmology, making the argument that physics is the new wonder—or more provocatively, that the new science is the future of philosophy of religion.   It is a model of interdisciplinary engagement, one that not only speculates on the future direction of philosophy of religion, but that proves the contemporary relevance of Continental philosophy of religion.

This will be Caputo’s second public presentation at LVC.  In fall of 2004 he participated in a debate with the radical death-of-God theologian Thomas J. J. Altizer as a part of the “God in the 21st Century” college colloquium.  That event sparked the eventual publication of the book After the Death of God (Columbia University Press, 2007), co-authored by Caputo and the Italian philosopher Gianni Vattimo.

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