Ready to Depart!

Well, our adventure in Hungary is rapidly approaching.  We’ll be leaving on August 1st and will fly from Newark, NJ to Warsaw, Poland and then on to Budapest.  I’ll use this blog to cover many of the highlights of our year-long journey, including:

  • Living in Budapest.  We’ll stay in a small apartment on the Buda side of the city in the same building as Dora’s parents.
  • My work at Eötvös Loránd University. I’ll be working with Zoltán Novák, on a photochemistry project trying to use dye molecules to harvest light energy and initiate chemical reactions.
  • The experiences of our children, Daniel and Panka, in the Hungarian school system.  Daniel is 7 and will be in the 2nd grade.  He’s been working with his mom on his Hungarian, but isn’t fluent yet.  We expect that will change quickly.  Panka is 5 and will be in the equivalent of kindergarten in Hungary.
  • Our travels in Hungary and the rest of Europe.
  • Two of my students, Tai Nguyen and Rachel Denny, will visit and work with me at the university in the Summer of 2013 as part of the Arnold Experiential Grant Program and Lebanon Valley College.

If you are looking for pointers on what you need to bring with you when traveling abroad with a family of 5 for a year, this picture should give you an idea:

…and here is (some of) the stuff we left behind: