The Balaton

We’ve spent the past 10 days or so at the Balaton – a large lake about an hour from Budapest.  It’s one of the larger lakes in Europe (~70 x 10 km) with lots of great views.  The lake draws a significant number of tourists from within Hungary as well as the rest of Europe.  We’ll spend another short stretch there before the school year begins and then visit periodically throughout the fall.  Our base there is a small village called Balatonederics, a small village built into the slopes rising above the lake in the northwest corner (halfway between Kesthely and Badacsony on the map below). Dora’s parents have a summer home there and spend half of the year there and half in Budapest.

 I have a series of posts planned about our adventures by the lake.  For starters, though, here are a couple of pictures — one showing a view OF Balatonederics and the second showing the view FROM Balatonederics.

Not the best shot of the kids, but it gives you some idea of the landscape.  This picture is taken from Szigligeti Var, a castle atop a hill in the neigboring visit of Szigliget.  You can see the lake, and directly above the the kids heads on the hillside in the distance is the village of Balatonederics.

This panorama is from the uppermost road in Baltonederics.  Panka and I biked up there one morning and enjoyed the terrific views.  The lake is to the right and various hills dot the basin surrounding the lake.  The plateau in the middle of the picture (Badacsony) is about 15km away.


 And finally, here is Panka and her bike at the same spot at the top of Balatonederics.