Visiting the Netherlands: Amersfort and Delft

Another impressive thing in the Netherlands were old towns and canals. Even though cities have mainly modern buildings (at least that was our experience), in some cities the old town is well preserved in the center of the city. We visited two such old city centers: Amersfort and Delft. You can find here everything what you picture Holland would be: canals and cobblestone streets lined with narrow old houses. We naturally took a boat tour on the canals – it’s a good way to make sightseeing fun for the kids. Here are some pictures of Amersfort:


Delft is famous for the Delft Blue china produced in town which has characteristic blue decorations. It also has a very nice historic downtown. We visited the main square with the New Church (Nieuwe Kerk) and the City Hall (Stadhuis).

Delft has an important place in dutch history. The founder of the royal family, Willem van Oranje (William of Orange), was assassinated in Delft in 1584. At the time the Netherlands was fighting for its independence from Spanish occupation and Willem of Oranje was the leader of the movement. His body was laid to rest in the Nieuwe Kerk and since then numerous royals from the House of Orange has been buried here. I thought it was funny how the brochure that we got in the church gave a detailed description of what the Dutch did to the assassin, named Balthasar Gerard. Upon further reading I learned that indeed he was tortured and killed brutally, ‘even by the standards of the time’. I guess you don’t cross the Dutch!

Tim, Daniel and Panka walked up to the tower of the church (many hundreds of steps up) where you can have a nice view of the city. The picture of the Stadhuis was taken from atop the Nieuw Kerk.