Visiting the Netherlands: Trains and Bikes

Tim’s mom and dad imigrated from the Netherlands and visit there regulary. So this year we spent 10 days with them in Nunspeet, a small village in the middle of the country.

One of the most impressive things in the Netherlands was the transportation – specifically, the train system and the frequent use of bikes. We ditched the car on this trip and used trains and bikes for all of our transportation. We visited a couple of old towns (Delft, Amersfort, post on these trips upcoming…) by train, and there were always frequently running trains and convenient connections for wherever we went. Dora’s favorite was the double decker train.

When moving within the town, bike is the most convenient form of transportation.  Tim’s aunt, Tante Iet, lives in Nunspeet so we borrowed her and her neighbor’s bike to move around town. Panka loved to ride on the back of Oma’s (Grandma in Dutch) bike. There are many bikers, old and young, traveling through the village (it helps that Holland if very flat).  Check out the extensive bike rack that each train station comes with! Also, our base, Nunspeet, is a favored vacation spot among the Dutch and had lot of winding bike paths through the surrounding forests. We rented bikes for two days and did some short bike trips with the kids.