So I got a Green Card….

sort of…except that it’s red.  Those of you that have been reading religiously may remember that at the beginning of the trip, I had to file some papers for residency.  We had tried our best to navigate the many options and requirements, and finally were informed that, since Dora is a citizen, I should be applying for temporary residency.  Since then, we’ve had some visits from the immigration authorities.  On the first visit, we weren’t home, but they were able to verify from others in the building that I did indeed live there.  The next time they came at a scheduled time; I was at work but Dora gave them all the information they needed.  They seemed surprised that I had filed in the first place; apparently what  I do doesn’t actually qualify as work (since I’m paid by LVC), and I could legally stay in the country for 90 days at a time as long as I leave briefly in between (not that anyone’s checking).  So, all for naught, but I was approved and now can legally work and reside in Hungary for the next 5 years.  I even have the red card with a terrible mug shot to prove it!