Slovenia (part 1 of 3): Bled

Lake Bled and surroundings as viewed from Castle Bled

Well, we’ve returned from Slovenia, where we had a great time in a gorgeous country.  Slovenia has a rugged landscape and only about 2 million people, but has really great infrastructure (we passed through about 10 tunnels on our way there), everyone is friendly and speaks fluent English, and all the drivers stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. l’ll try to describe our trip over a series of 3 posts: The first will describe the village of Bled and Lake Bled (where we stayed); the second will show some of the nearby natural wonders; and the final one will cover 3 of the cities (Maribor, Skofja Loka, and Ljubljana) that we visited while traveling to/from Bled.

Village of Bled from across the lake

First up is Bled, one of the most frequented sites in Slovenia, due to its location at the foot of the Alps and the adjoining lake.  The village has only about 5000 residents. The lake is relatively small (about 6 km around), small enough that we both biked and walked around it during our stay.

Island, Castle, and Alps by Lake Bled

In the middle of the lake is a small island with a chapel on it.  There are boats (pletna)  that take you there.  We were fortunate to hitch a ride on a boat along with another American

family; they were living in Brussels for 3 years and had 2 girls (3 and 5 years old) that really hit it off with our kids. Fortunately, we ran into them again at a restaurant the next day and the kids had some more fun.

Castle Bled as viewed from our hotel window

Bled is also well known for its castle, which sit high atop a hill just outside the village.  We hiked to the top on our second day and toured around.  The panorama photo at the beginning of the post was taken from the castle.  The first picture of the castle that you see to the left was actually taken from our hotel window, which provided great views each morning (Good work on finding the hotel, Dora!).