Fall Weekend at the Balaton

First, a programing note:  We’ll spend the next week in Bled, Slovenia (Daniel has his fall break from school) and I won’t be doing any posts.  Look for a full report when we return.

Last weekend, we enjoyed a long, 4-day break at Lake Balaton. The weather was glorious for mid-October; likely the last warm stretch we will get as we head into winter.  The lake and warmer weather gave some beatiful, foggy mornings as you can see in these two panorama shots.

The first day, we went for a hike in the hills behind the house.  There is a large ridge that run behind the house, which you can see part of in the photo.  I’ve always wanted to scale the hill, and we finally consulted the map and found what looked to be a suitable trail.  It was only 3-4 kilometers, but it took much longer than expected.  The first part (up) was very steep, as you might expect.  The kids did great, though (Matthew was napping, which also meant that I didn’t need to lug him up in the pack). Once at the top, the going was much easier, though the trail isn’t used much and is poorly marked, leading us to take a number of wrong turns on intersecting hunting trails.  Also, the top is tree covered, so you don’t get much of a view, with the exception of a brief glimpes of the Balatonederic church we had on the descent.  Still we had a good time and were happy to enjoy the beautiful weather.







The following day we traveled to Sárvár, a small city about an hour north from the lake.  We spent the morning at the Sárvári fürdő (bath), a set of pools and spas. The Sárvári fürdő has a particularly nice area for children, with areas that both Matthew and the older ones could enjoy.





After the kids splashed around for a few hours and lunch, we wandered through the town.  The town has a beautiful park with an old castle on the grounds.  The castle buildings still function as a museum and government buildings.