Bicycling to Szent Mihály Kápolna

With the harvest finished last Sunday, the family was able to spend the morning on a bicycle trip.  This trip took us 10km along the Balaton bicycling path to Szent Mihály kápolna (St. Michael’s chapel), a small church atop a hill at the edge of lake Balaton.  The trip was pleasant; as you would expect the path along the lake is flat for the most part.  At about half way, we stopped for a break at a small cove by the lake that offered this pleasing view:

You can see the Badacsony hill, our previous bicycling destination, in the distance.  Part of the path we rode upon is shown here, with a glimpse of the chapel atop the hill in the background:

Once at the hill, we pushed our bikes to the top.  Here are a couple of scenes from in and around the chapel:

One thought on “Bicycling to Szent Mihály Kápolna

  1. Helloooooo Peelen family!
    Perry Latshaw shared your blog with me and I LOVE it. I lived in Switzerland for ten years, so I can relate to your comments. I really enjoy your observations, insights, descriptions of food, cars, beautiful landscape photos, candid shots of “typical” family life, etc. What a fantastic idea you had to share this info with everyone. It makes Hungary a real place…not just a story in a book about some far-off land. Isn’t it cool to see something done differently (just as well if not better) than we do it here in the US?? I love that! Thanks again.

    We miss all of you and the Praise Team especially misses Dora!!
    Big hugs,

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