Life…on a smaller scale

One of the challenges of moving to the city, particularly a European city, is dealing with the smaller size of everything.  We currently stay in a small apartment, with roughly 500 sq. ft. of living space. It’s not that bad, and I’m constantly amazed at how efficiently space can be used. Without giving you a pictoral tour of the whole apartment, I thought I’d share this one picture of our bathroom to give you an idea of how space is used efficiently:

Here in one short row is the sink, the bath tub (which shares it’s water source with the sink), the water heater (above my head, which supplies hot water to the entire apartment) and the washing maching.  I’ve placed myself  in the tub to give you a sense of scale, though Dora assures me that small tubs like ours are not the norm.

One thing that is missing from the picture is the toilet.  In Hungary (and many other European countries), the toilet get’s its own room, the WC (water closet). WC is an apt name, it is essentially just a closet with only a toilet. Sometimes, the small space can smell pretty bad, but on the flip side, the bathroom never does.