Balaton village churches: Nemesvita

We’ll be back to the lake this afternoon to finish up the harvest of the grapes this weekend.  Before we go, here’s part 3 of my tour of village churches in our area.

Nemesvita is the next village north from our home in Balatonederics along the slopes of the Kesthely hills.  Nemesvita is further from the lake with no direct lake access and fewer nice views of the lake, and thus has few vacation homes (other than a very nice horse ranch/resort) than Balatongyörök or Baltonederics did. The village consists mainly of narrow roads wandering up the hillside, with simple, stucco-covered homes. The templom in Nemesvita stands rather high up on the hillside, offering inviting views as it rises above the village.  From up-close, it is a bit run down and not as tidy as the others so far, though on the Saturday that I biked there I was able to hear some glorious organ music blasting from the church as someone practiced. It was great to just rest and listen to the music a bit, and I found myself surprised that these small churches in the small villages have organs that sound so grand.

Without further ado, here’s a set of photos from the village: