This weekend’s excursion brought us to the town of Visegrád, which lies along the Duna (Danube), about a 1 hour drive north from Budapest.  It has some beautiful hills and marks where the river takes a 90° bend and heads south toward Budapest. Visegrád’s position at the river’s bend was of strategic importance, thus high above the Duna sit the remains (and some reconstruction) of a castle, seen here from the adjacent hill:

Accessing the castle requires a bit of a hike (or alternatively, you can drive, but that’s not as fun).  It’s not to long, but obviously involves a bit of climbing. The kids did well, but Matthew was firmly against sitting in the backpack carrier we have and wound up doing most of the climb by foot.  At the start of the climb sits a gate and a tower (shown here)

Once at the top, one has impressive views of the Duna and the surrounding landscape:

Here is a part of the castle itself.  Dani and Panka are at the top of the steps, while Matthew is just beginning his ascent.

And of course no outing is complete without a treat of some kind.  This week we enjoyed a Hungarian favorite, lángos, which is perhaps most similar to fried dough in the US.  You can get lángos with a variety of toppings; most common are sour cream and/or cheese.  Below you see us enjoying our lángos sima (literally: “flat” but meaning plain here), but with a bit of garlic sauce on top.

From here we continued our hike to a neighboring hill (where the first picture of the castle was taken from).  Fortunately, Matthew relented and agreed to go into the backback carrier, eventually succumbing to a well-deserved nap.