Weekend at the lake

Last weekend, we traveled from Budapest back to Lake Balaton for a couple of days while the weather is still nice.  We started out on Saturday morning and drove to Fonyód, a nice village on the south side of the lake that has a market on Saturdays.

The market had lots and lots of stuff, everything from your typical flea market goods to homegrown produce.  Most of it is open-air, but here is one scene from a building devoted to selling meat.  Unfortunately, the picture fails to capture the aroma of the building…

The kids also got some treats.  Here are Dani and Panka enjoying kürtőskalács, a warm, fresh spiral bread coated with sugar and other flavors (in this case, one vanilla and one with nuts).

The kids also became official Europeans, acquiring their first soccer jerseys.  Bonus points award to anyone that can identify the two players (answer will follow toward the end of the post).

Once we returned to Balatonederics, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch of grilled pork, complements of the “grillmaster” nagypapa (Hungarian for grandpa).

On Sunday, we went for a short hike in the hills near the house.  Here are the kids in the forest.  Also, you can (almost) see the answer to the earlier quiz: Frank Ribery of France and Wayne Rooney of England.

Our destination was a lookout tower atop a hill the overlooks the lake.  Here Dani at the top of the tower, with the omnipresent Badacsony looming in the background.

After our hike, it was back home for dinner, then to the beach for a quick swim before heading back to Budapest.