Balaton village churches: Balatonederics

I’ll have a post on our weekend activities by the lake in the next couple of days, but for now here is the second installment in my series on village churches, at our home village at Lake Balaton, Balatonederics (the first installment is here).

Like many lake communities, Balatonederics has a mixture of permanent village homes and vacation/weekend homes.  The lower part of the village (where the church is located) is densely populated with a few thousand people.  As you reach the upper slopes, you get more fields and weekend homes.

At the center of the village is the templom (church).  Balatonederics’s church seems to be quite well maintained.  Here are a few perspectives:

View from above (actually from our driveway)

View from the outskirts of the village

Another shot from just within the village

Close-up view