Bicycling to Badacsony

One of our last undertakings of our summer vacation at Lake Balaton was a biking trip to a town called Badacsony.  Badacsony lies at the base of an impressive hill of the same name.  The flat top of this vulcanic landmark can be seen from miles in any direction.  Here is a view of our destination, taken from our home on the morning of our journey.

Overall, the ride is somewhere between 12-15 km one way.  The ride is mainly flat, and Daniel and Panka managed the round trip ride with only minimal complaining (Matthew enjoyed the ride from a seat on the back of my bike, including a short nap on the way home).  The route follows the Balaton körüt (translation: circle), a 204 km loop around the lake.  Most of our ride was on dedicated bike paths, though the last part followed some less-travelled village roads. Here is a view of the Badacsony from one of the small villages at the base of the hill:

Once in Badacsony, we had a well-deserved lunch.  Badacsony is a fairly popular townn to visit, so it has a nice walking path populated with small food vendors, seen below. After lunch the kids all played on the playground and we enjoyed an ice cream (more on ice cream later…) before heading back home.  Here is a scene from the village: