Balaton village churches: Balatongyörök

My father-in-law likes to drive to regions around the lake taking pictures of birds.  He has some great shots, but I could never really understand the patience it takes to get these pictures.  Lately, though, I’ve begun to understand better, as I’ve taken up biking to local villages to visit and take pictures of the village churches.  Every village I’ve visited, even if just a small collection of 20-30 homes, will have a church at its center.  These churches are usually simple, elegant structures.  I’ve been able to get to 5 or 6 different villages so far, and periodically I’ll share pictures from these trips.

The first visit is to Balatongyörök. Balatongyörök is probably the least traditional of the villages that I’ve visited, since the village hillside is situated directly above lake Balaton and is now populated by large vacation homes.  Still, the old church remains, with a great view of the lake (unfortunately, I couldn’t get any shots of the church and the lake because of the adjacent forrest).