Inching Toward Residency

One of our big concerns upon arriving was getting my residency permit taken care of.  There isn’t any visa requred to entry, but if you intend to stay longer than 3 months you need to get a residency permit.  We saw some horror stories on the internet, but did quite a bit of preparing and hoped we would be OK.  We filled out all of the forms and gathered all of the documents for a Residency Permit for the Purpose of Scientific Research, which seemed to fit perfectly my situation.  Turns out that I was wrong.  We arrived at the office yesterday, and were immediately informed by the officer there that we had the wrong form.  We were required to file and application for my residency based on the fact that my wife, Dora, is a Hungarian citizen.  Essentially, they now have me filing for what seems to be roughly the equivalent of a green card.  This required a different form and somewhat different documents, which we were able to fill out on the spot in the office waiting room (with the help of some complete strangers that Dora managed to round up as witnesses).  So everything seems to be OK at this point, though we won’t know for sure for 3 months, and they said they may call us in at some point for interviews (apparantly to make sure that our 10+ year, 3 kid marriage wasn’t a scam on my part to gain 1 year temporary residence in Hungary).