Lebanon Valley College New Students

Fall Schedules are Online

From the Office of the Registrar:

Your fall 2015 schedule is now available online. To view it, please log in to MyLVC and select AccessLVC. We have made every effort to provide you with the schedule you requested, but may have had to register you for a different section (at a different time than you requested) or for an alternate course, if provided. After reviewing your schedule, you may find that you will need to make changes. You will have an opportunity to do so during orientation on Friday, August 28, when you will meet with your advisor. You may also make changes to your schedule during the add/drop period, August 31-September 4.

In addition, transfer, AP, and IB credits received to date have been entered and will also appear in AccessLVC on your transcript and your degree audit (a report that allows you to track your progress toward all graduation requirements). Additional credits submitted will be processed as they are received (please allow some time for processing). For more information on these credits, please see our Advanced Placement and transfer credit policies.

Please note that it is possible your schedule may change between now and the start of the semester. We therefore recommend that you review your schedule again when you arrive on campus.

You may obtain textbook information and place orders online by visiting the College Store website. If you have any questions about textbooks for your classes, please call the College Store at (717) 867-6313.

Follow up from NSAD

Thanks to all of you who attended a New Student Advising Day program.  It was nice to have you and your family on campus.  We hope you will complete the online evaluations we emailed to you and that you will read the follow up notes posted here:

Follow Up Notes from NSAD 2015

Reminders from New Student Advising Day

1)    Please, parents and students, complete the online NSAD evaluations! You should have received a link to the online evaluation via email. We need and appreciate your feedback for planning future programs.

2)    You received your LVC email account information at NSAD, or you will receive it following receipt of your enrollment deposit. Your LVC email is the primary method of communication for College information. Please access your account regularly during the summer.

3)    The fall courses and alternates you have or will select will be finalized during the summer.

­If you have taken AP exams please have your scores forwarded to the College. You can review our AP chart at: www.lvc.edu/admission/ap.aspx, to see how your scores may impact your fall courses. If you have taken courses for college credit please forward your official college transcript to LVC.

4)  Your fall schedule will be available for you to view on MyLVC the first week of August. Advising Day is on Friday, Aug. 28.  You will be meeting with your advisor to review your schedule and to make any necessary changes.

5)    If you have urgent course scheduling questions, you may contact Shannon Brandt, assistant dean of academic success and advising, at sbrandt@lvc.edu.

6)    The following forms will be due if you have not already submitted them:

Housing forms due May 31st

­   Medical forms due August 1st

­   Athletic forms due August 1st

7)    Your photo ID will be issued when you arrive on campus in August.

8)    Please review the New Student Blog throughout the summer at: www.lvc.edu/newstudents for important information and updates to assist you and your family as you prepare to arrive for the fall semester.

9)    If you remitted your enrollment deposit prior to May 4, a MeritPage has been created for you! Please search for your name at lvc.meritpages.com and claim your profile today. MeritPage is LVC’s official student achievement and recognition platform. Questions? Not listed? Contact Alison Wenger, communications specialist, at awenger@lvc.edu or 717-867-6034.

Looking forward to having you back on campus soon!

LVC Live

LIVE (3)

Congratulations accepted students!   Faculty, staff and students are busy preparing for our accepted student day, LVC Live, which is on Saturday, March 28.  We will be ready to answer your questions, and to welcome you and your family to the LVC community.

Have you registered to attend?