Lebanon Valley College New Students

Introducing Community Service and Volunteerism

Welcome to LVC!

This summer in the Office of Community Service & Volunteerism we’re making preparations for you to begin to experience the joy of serving as early as Orientation Weekend.  A two-hour service project scheduled for Sunday afternoon will introduce you to 15 student-led service organizations at LVC.  It’s going to be a meaningful time.

Community service is meaningful, joy-producing, and noble. It can also help you to get a job.  For all these reasons, students at LVC are encouraged to participate in LVC’s Community Service Awards. Three levels of achievement are available for inclusion in a student’s personal profile on LVC’s Job Center:

  • Students who perform 25 qualified hours of community service during their tenure at LVC receive a Bronze Community Service Award.
  • Students who perform 60 hours of qualified service are awarded a Silver Community Service Award.
  • Students who perform 100 hours of qualified service received a Gold Community Service Award.

Hours are submitted by a report available online at our Web site.  Once it is determined that the hours qualify according to LVC’s Service Hour Guidelines, they are recorded.

Detailed information regarding upcoming events is available via Facebook. Join the groups “Community Service” (for one-time service events) and “Volunteerism” (for on-going opportunities) at www.facebook.com/about/groups/schools.

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