Supervising Licensed Therapist

Supervising Licensed Therapist

LVC relies on practicing physical therapists to keep running and to continue providing care.

Are you a PT? Could you spare a few hours to help us? If interested please contact CURE at with the subject “attn.: Supervising Therapist Manager”. We are ALWAYS looking for therapists to help!

Why you should help?

• It’s a great opportunity to give back
• It is a small time commitment (~3hrs/night)
• You are enabling our students to gain invaluable experiences they cannot receive in the classroom
• It’s a lot of fun!

What to expect:

Upon arrival:

  • The on-call manager will ask for a copy of your license/license number
    • Below are the documents/contract that can be completed prior to your scheduled night if preferred
  • Student PTs should be arriving at least a half hour before the first patient is scheduled to do a chart review and prepare a treatment plan
  • Typically there will be 2 teams of students which should include a 6th year, 5th year, and 4th year
    • During the spring this may change to be a 5th year and 4th year as 6th year students will be participating in their final clinical experiences
  • Students’ knowledge base and confidence levels may vary based on the semester, which may cause them to rely on you more or less for guidance and support. The main goal is that students actively participate as much as possible to ensure they are using their skills and gaining experience in working with real patients.
    • Certain factors that may cause students to rely more heavily include difficult or vague diagnoses, technical skills needed for treatment such as manual therapy, and differential diagnosis knowledge.



Supervising Therapists