LVC Students Volunteers

Incoming Students

If you are a high school student beginning your college search and you are considering Physical Therapy for your career then LVC could be for you! One thing that we have at LVC that allows students to gain hands-on experience and test their knowledge outside of the classroom is the opportunity to participate in treatments at the CURE Clinic.

The CURE Clinic is a student run pro-bono physical therapy clinic that provides therapy services to uninsured people within the community. As a student, the first opportunity to participate in the clinic occurs during your 4th year here at LVC, which is the first year of the graduate program. This gives you the chance to test out the hands on skills you will be learning in class on real patients with real pathologies. The ability to practice on people with pathological deficits will heighten your skills and give you confidence for when you step in to your first clinical rotation.

Participating in the CURE Clinic enables you to implement your clinical decision making skills which you may not have much of a chance to do in such an environment otherwise. Other opportunities within the CURE Clinic include applying to be on the Board of Directors, which will enable you to coordinate the business aspects of the clinic such as scheduling patients, contacting referring physician’s offices, fundraising, marketing, and looking for ways to improve patient and student experiences.

Current Students

Are you currently an undergraduate physical therapy student? Do you know about your opportunity to participate in CURE?

Please refer to the above paragraph for the description of your opportunity and take a minute to look through the website to better familiarize yourself with CURE!

Graduate phase physical therapy student? It is a program requirement for graduation to be scheduled at least one night each semester to gain the hands-on experience in a treatment team for performing an evaluation or treatment session.

Whether you are participating or not and have feedback, comments, suggestions, improvements, we as a CURE Board of Directors are always willing to take them into consideration. If so please email (with the subject “CURE BOD Suggestion”).


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